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At Rise Therapeutics, we develop targeted immunological-based biologics using a unique and proprietary oral delivery platform. We design and produce unique, first-in-class immune modulatory drugs for the treatment of inflammation, autoimmunity, infection, and cancer.

Rise Therapeutics Secures Funding to Develop a Novel Immunologically-Directed Probiotic for Preventing and Treating Clostridium Difficile Infection

Rockville, MD. Rise Therapeutics announced today they received their first Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant from the National of the National Institute of Health (NIH) for their application, “A Novel Probiotic for Preventing and Treating Clostridium Difficile Pathogenesis.” This award signals a significant milestone for Rise Therapeutics and provides a solid foundation for the future of the company.

“We are excited to see the success of our application as well as the positive feedback from our reviewers,” said Dr. Gary Fanger, President and CEO of Rise Therapeutics. “A first-in-class, orally administered drug, like R-4329, is critical for the treatment as well as the prevention of C. difficile pathogenesis. We are looking forward to providing a front-line advancement in the treatment of enteric infection.”

Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is one of the most significant hospital acquired infections affecting 250,000 people in the USA annually with a cost over $1 billion per year to treat. C. difficile (CD) is a ubiquitous anaerobic Gram-positive bacterium that can sporulate and become highly resistant to environment stresses and frontline antibiotics such as clindamycin. Symptoms of CDI include inflammatory colitis, severe diarrhea, abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms, and possible death. CDI often occurs following antibiotic-treatment when the microbiome of individuals is altered or severely reduced. Current treatments for CDI such as fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) therapy are limited, poorly defined, and require special FDA approval due to their safety concerns.

Thus, successful commercialization of Rise Therapeutics’ orally administered drug, R-4329, which offers more convenience and safety than current methods of treating CDI, will provide a profound medical advancement for the treatment of CDI. Rise Therapeutics has utilized its proprietary oral biologics delivery platform where we encapsulate protein-based, targeted biological therapy into probiotic carrier vehicles to design a highly innovative new drug, called R-4329, to treat CDI. R-4329 is an immune-directed cellular therapy where the probiotic carrier line engineered to deliver high-levels of SagA. R-4329 is orally administered as a capsule representing a novel breakthrough approach for the treatment of CDI.

Rise Therapeutics is an experienced oral therapeutics developer focused on launching promising products to the patients who need them the most. It has a robust oral therapeutics pipeline that it is moving towards clinical development.


About Rise Therapeutics

At the crossroads of the microbiome and immunology, Rise Therapeutics is developing immunological-directed biological therapies using a unique and proprietary oral drug delivery platform. Based in Rockville, Maryland, Rise leverages its target discovery expertise to understand microbiota gut biology as it relates to regulation of the immune system. Utilizing these biological discoveries to identify new immune regulatory pathways, Rise develops immune modulatory medicines for the treatment of autoimmunity, inflammatory disease, infection, and cancer. With its proprietary Tripartite X (TPX) platform, Rise can engineer these first-in-class biological medicines for oral administration. For more information about Rise Therapeutics, please visit www.risetherapeutics.com.