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At Rise Therapeutics, we develop targeted immunological-based biologics using a unique and proprietary oral delivery platform. We design and produce unique, first-in-class immune modulatory drugs for the treatment of inflammation, autoimmunity, infection, and cancer.

Rise Therapeutics Receives Seed Funding from Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)

Rockville, MD. Rise Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that develops microbiome-based immunological drugs using a unique and proprietary oral biologics delivery platform, announced today that it received seed funding from Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO). TEDCO is an early-stage funding hub that supports entrepreneurs and drives technology transfer and commercialization in the state of Maryland. 

“At TEDCO, our mission is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation across all regions of the state, and we aim to discover, invest in and build great companies that grow, stay and last in Maryland,” stated TEDCO’s CEO George Davis. “TEDCO helps entrepreneurs bring innovation to market by being the connective tissue to all available assets in the ecosystem, including capital and business development tools.”

“It is a privilege to have TEDCO help support advancement development of our platform technology and drug programs at Rise,” said Dr. Fanger, President and CEO of Rise Therapeutics. “Their partnership and support will allow us to develop products that provide safe, convenient, and effective front-line biological medicines for the medical community.” 

The Seed capital provided by TEDCO will help support the evolution of Rise Therapeutics’ oral biologics delivery platform. The funding will also support advancement of the lead drug candidate based upon this platform technology. Rise’s lead drug development candidate is rooted in the successes established in immune drug development applied to novel microbiome science. Combining these two areas of drug development is an exciting new approach that has great promise in treating a wide range of diseases.

Drug programs being developed by Rise and its partners are based upon Rise Therapeutics’ novel drug delivery platform that enables oral delivery of targeted biological medicines. The platform, called TriPartite X (TPX), is a novel DNA assembly approach that harnesses synthetic biology to enable creation of engineered probiotics to escort targeted protein therapies to the site of action, the intestinal tract. TPX transitions drug development away from regular injections and infusion strategies for a more convenient ‘pill-based’ oral delivery perspective for biological medicines. As the interface between the gut microbiome and the human biology become better understood, TPX can be utilized to target microbiome pathways in the context of a convenient oral drug.


About Rise Therapeutics

At the crossroads of the microbiome and immunology, Rise Therapeutics is developing immunological-directed biological therapies using a unique and proprietary oral drug delivery platform. Based in Rockville, Maryland, Rise leverages its target discovery expertise to understand microbiota gut biology as it relates to regulation of the immune system. Utilizing these biological discoveries to identify new immune regulatory pathways, Rise develops immune modulatory medicines for the treatment of autoimmunity, inflammatory disease, infection, and cancer. With its proprietary Tripartite X (TPX) platform, Rise can engineer these first-in-class biological medicines for oral administration. For more information about Rise Therapeutics, please visit www.risetherapeutics.com.


The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) is more than an early stage funding resource. It is the hub of Maryland’s innovation ecosystem where we nurture entrepreneurship, support innovation, drive tech transfer and commercialization, and champion minority access. TEDCO invests in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies. We help to build great companies that stay and last in Maryland. For more information about TEDCO and its programs and resources, visit www.TEDCO.md.