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At Rise Therapeutics, we develop targeted immunological-based biologics using a unique and proprietary oral delivery platform. We design and produce unique, first-in-class immune modulatory drugs for the treatment of inflammation, autoimmunity, infection, and cancer.

Rise Therapeutics Receives Wet Lab Buildout Grant from Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation

Rockville, MD. Rise Therapeutics today announced that the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) Fund’s Bio Lab Pilot Project issued Rise Therapeutics funding to support its clinical GMP manufacturing infrastructure build out. This grant supports a key corporative initiative for Rise Therapeutics to expand its product development infrastructure in the microbiome space to include capabilities that enable the organization to more efficiently and cost effectively transition cutting-edge microbiome discoveries into clinically validated drug products. This MCEDC funding program supports $10 per square foot of lab fit out costs to build out wet lab space up to 5,000 square feet.

“Most small life sciences entrepreneurs are looking for this type of infrastructure assistance as they advance product development capabilities of their drug development companies,” said Dr. Gary Fanger, President and CEO of Rise Therapeutics. “Compared to other parts of the country, Montgomery County continues to provide a strong support system for emerging life science companies. Local programs like the Bio Lab Pilot Project Program are a unique component of our county’s vibrant biohealth cluster.”

Rise Therapeutics will have space dedicated to clinical GMP manufacturing and GMP analytical testing. The facility will enable Rise to transition first-in-class microbiome-associated products through clinical proof-of-concept studies to support its own products and products of its partners. Rise Therapeutics utilizes a Flexible Clean Space ManufacturingTM configuration for better manufacturing efficiency and reduced production cost. The infrastructure can be used to manufacture GMP master cell banks, drug substance, or drug product. In addition, the facility is sufficiently equipped to support analytical testing used for GMP product release and long-term stability assessment.          


About Rise Therapeutics

Rise Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology company located in Rockville, Maryland. Rise is pioneering synthetic biology methodologies to develop novel microbiome-based cellular medicines. Rise Therapeutics leverages its unique and proprietary TriPartite X (TPX) approach to deliver targeted biologics orally, a novel step forward in the context of protein-based medicines. As a platform drug delivery approach, TPX is ideally suited to deliver any biological therapy orally and, in the context of Rise’s therapeutics product development interests, targeting immunology regulated by the gut microbiome is a key breakthrough that gives Rise a competitive drug development advantage. Rise is currently focused on developing treatments for autoimmunity, inflammatory disease, infection, and cancer. These disease areas represent a large unmet need, both in the United States and around the world. For more information about Rise Therapeutics, please visit www.risetherapeutics.com.